Mobile-First x Desktop-First – The final round

mobile x desktop first

We have demonstrated the possible advantages of both concepts already. Click on those links to figure it out.

Mobile First


Today we will make a comparison between them to support you to select the best beginning to your web project.

When will mobile-first represent the cleverest idea?

In these modern times, it is impossible to produce something for the web without thinking about mobile.

To begin with, we need to understand the users’ necessities. If you track your website access and then realize that more than 90% of your audience is coming from a mobile device, then you can focus exclusively on it.

Accordingly to the agency NPGROUP mobile is dominant when we are talking about B2C in reason of potential customers presently are using more phones than desktops to browsing online.

To reiterate, what will prove to you if mobile-first is an excellent idea are the numbers, data never lies.

When should we apply desktop first?

As we said on the post regarding desktop-first, it is easier to remove information and then diagram elements over again rather than to add content when your screen gets bigger.

The same agency NPGROUP said when your business is focused on B2B the considerable majority of the accesses is coming from a desktop, they also highlighted that 85% of their audience use a desktop instead of a mobile.

It makes total sense because it is an agency working for other companies, not for consumers.

We need to point out that when it comes to B2B, people usually are working eight hours per day in front of a desktop computer.

Some companies work in an old fashion world ignoring mobile “which is a tremendous mistake” but unfortunately it still happens.

Coming to an end for this discussion, the best concept to apply is… (read it with a drama sound) BOTH, basically who will correctly answer this question is your user to prevent an enormous mistake at the start, the best thing to do is a great user experience research before deciding which method to employ.

Here you will understand what UX design means.

Did you agree with it, let us know in the comments?

Wrote by: Rafael de Rezende Basso

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