5 Tips to apply your UX design skills outside work

5 tips to apply your UI design skills outside work

As designers, we are requested to be creative every time however we can grasp some advantages.

We will list some attitudes that might help you to reach your goals.

work for free

1 – Work for free

For sure you are thinking right now ARE YOU CRAZY?

PLEASE CALM DOWN, we will explain our point.

Of course, we are not saying for you to be a good Samaritan and forget about money, however, let’s suppose you are a design student working as a cashier in a restaurant, why don’t you produce a new visual communication or research and create a better customer experience and present it to your manager.

If they ignore you, don’t worry because it was your first real-life design project. In addition, now you produce a spectacular portfolio to show up.

We can also apply this idea in another context, why not create something for the small pub in your neighborhood and try to sell it?

Once more if you receive a no as an answer, chin up and continue, your showcase just has started to be built.

create a stunning CV

2 – Create a stunning CV.

Are you a designer and your CV is merely a boring PDF?


Create an amazing CV, demonstrating your talent in view of the fact who knows more about you than yourself?

Develop a video, a website, an animation whatever suits you better, not just a bunch of text on a white background.

You must have a standard CV to send to recruiters and apply online, but try to think outside the box.

Be different

3 – Be different

Today the world is online and it means fast, people are looking for quick and good results in a short time.

If your LinkedIn does not have a nice banner, you will be just another face in the crowd, designing something gorgeous even for your personal social media.

We can go deep on it, why not have a creative and funny Tinder profile.


People normally just swipe left or right looking at the first photo, if you have a unique and creative profile your chances to call your next match attention will increase by doing it you are showing user experience skills.

I did it and two weeks later I had a match with my girlfriend, so it worked.

nobody is too young to teach

4 – Nobody is too young to teach.

If you are unconfident to teach something related to design or any other career you might have, don’t worry. For sure you have hobbies and things that you are good at.

Just one more example you could be a design student and also a black belt Karate fighter, why not develop a blog or YouTube channel presenting Karate moves, or if you are movie addicted, create a website or app to show your opinions about it, of course applying all UX Design concepts.

challenge yourself

5 – Challenge yourself.

One more time I will recount my experience.

I worked almost six years in the same company, designing visual communication for the same public. I was getting weary although I couldn’t quit, the bills did not allow me to do it HAHAHA.

I was seeking to develop something more pleasant to me, therefore I decided to design a new visual communication style for twenty-four Brazilian football teams.

At the end of the day, the job was published on two big blogs and one magazine.

Select a subject that you love and work on it during your spare time.

Are those suggestions constructive or do you do something different?

Tell us in the comments.

Wrote by: Rafael de Rezende Basso

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