Dream of California… Streaming!

california streaming

Today (14th September) Apple will launch new products, and what can we expect from this event?

California Streaming will apparently talk about the new Iphone and maybe a new Apple Watch or a brand-new Ipad.

Because of the event’s name “California Streaming”, we can wait for some news about Apple TV and Apple Music as well.

What can we bank on from the new Iphone?

We don’t possess too much information about it, however, some rumors are saying the device will have two diagonal lenses, in addition, the LiDAR scanner will be added as well.

Another idea is to implement the always-on technology, keeping displayed some basic features like the watch, calendar, weather, etc. always on, without the necessity of unlocking the device to see them.

Another information is regarding the battery that will endure more. It is a regular Apple lover’s complaint.

According to the website Techradar, some new color options would be launched: pink, red, blue, and orange.

The device will have another up to the minute feature, it will be capable of making phone calls using a satellite system called LEO, getting rid of the necessity to have 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G networks.

Just remembering you, this article is based on RUMORS, as the company did not divulge anything.

Are you looking forward to seeing those new products as well?

Tell us in the comments what you desire from Apple.

Where to watch:

Apple’s official website;

Apple’s Youtube channel;

Apple TV: You don’t need to register yourself, just download the app and access it on your smart TV.

Wrote by: Rafael de Rezende Basso

1 thought on “Dream of California… Streaming!”

  1. Denis says:

    I have read these rumours as well. The possibility to make calls using satellite technology is exciting. However, I do not see it as a big advantage. The reason why I think that is because we use the internet on our phones more than calls. If Apple ever launches an internet via satellite for its users, is going to be a real revolution. And I really hope it happens.

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