Why attending conferences is beneficial for your career

Why attending conferences is beneficial for your career

In the digital age, we’re inundated with content on social media—design articles, text posts, podcasts, videos, tutorials, and more. Much of it offers valuable insights at no cost. But have you ever considered a single place that consolidates all this knowledge?

Well, such places exist! With a modest investment, you can access this content and much more. Here are some compelling reasons to attend conferences:

Sharing Knowledge: Those who share knowledge daily often reveal even more during live sessions than they do in a simple post.

Networking: Conferences are ideal for meeting like-minded individuals and professionals at various career stages. If you’re a junior, you can connect with high-profile professionals; if you’re a seasoned expert, you can share your wisdom and discover outstanding candidates for top job offers. Remember, the best roles are often not advertised; they’re filled through networks.

Gaining Insights: The design industry faces common challenges. By attending conferences, you’ll encounter peers dealing with similar issues and learn how they’ve overcome them.

Workshops: Many conferences offer workshops that provide immersive experiences. You could learn in one day what might take months in a regular course.

Company Presence: Conferences often have sponsors, allowing you to see which companies are investing in design and appreciate its value. These could be fantastic places to work—perhaps your dream job is waiting for you.

Exciting News:

All the benefits mentioned above are available in one place: the UX Nordic Conference. This event will be held in Aarhus, Denmark, from August 28th to 30th. Can’t make it to Denmark? No problem—you can participate virtually.

UX Nordic 2023
UX Nordic 2023
UX Nordic 2023
UX Nordic 2023

UX Nordic Award 2024

Prepare for three days packed with workshops, talks, networking, and fun. The UX Nordic Award will recognize the best UX project, with submissions due by June 14th.

UX Nordic Trophy
UX Nordic Trophy

Want Even More?

How about a Multi-sensory Design Day at the Lego Store House? This amazing opportunity includes transportation and lunch.

And there’s more good news: you can get a 10% discount. Simply connect with Rafael Basso on LinkedIn and send him a direct message to secure your discount.

Check how amazing last year event was.


See you there!

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Written by: Rafael de Rezende Basso

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