2021 Design Relax – Retrospect


Greetings Everyone, happy new year, 2022 just has started and we will have lots of new things here.

However, it is time to take a look back last year and see what kind of content was successful on different platforms.

1 – Article with more views on the website

Soul - connecting pixar to picasso

Soul Connecting Pixar and Picasso.

Pixar constantly adds some easter eggs to the productions, this time they went far from beyond constructing a phenomenal connection with Picasso’s work.

2 – Article with more likes on Linkedin

What kind of UX lessons can we learn watching Squid Game?

What kind of UX lessons can we learn watching Squid Game?

At this place, we are linking the TV show with UX Design Principles.

3 – Most viewed article on Linkedin

ps to apply your design skills outside work.

5 tips to apply your design skills outside work.

In this article, we are publishing some ideas for you to apply your design skills outside your job, or even better to get another one.

4 – Post with more likes on Instagram

llustrated album covers.

Illustrated album covers.

When music and design get together, what is the outcome?

Stunning album covers, here we showed some classic rock albums’ covers.

5 – Post with more likes and people reached on Facebook

oogle Voice Search

Google Voice Search

On this page we are showing how you can take some advantages from Google Voice Search, does not matter if you are just searching for something or if you are trying to increase your SEO.

Did any other articles that you liked were listed?

Tell us in the comments.

Wrote by: Rafael de Rezende Basso

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