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  • Why attending conferences is beneficial for your career
    UX Nordic Conference. This event will be held in Aarhus, Denmark, from August 28th to 30th. Can’t make it to Denmark? No problem—you can participate virtually.
  • Creating design specs for smoother developer handoff
    We all know that designers and developers sometimes have some hiccups during a project. However, we have a few guidelines to follow to avoid those roadblocks and improve communication across different teams.
  • Why Figma in 2024?
    In 2024, Figma solidified its position as the leading design tool in the market. But what explains such popularity?
  • Embracing the Future: AI for Product Design
    In the dynamic field of product design, artificial intelligence (AI) is starting in a transformative era, extending beyond human capabilities to automate tasks, analyze huge amounts of data, make predictions, and generate designs. This symbiotic relationship doesn’t replace human designers but enhances efficiency and optimization.
  • 6 Reasons Why Cross-Cultural Design Is Important
    There is no doubt that digital products can be used on a global scale and therefore it is necessary that they are designed with cultural differences in mind. And this adaptation doesn’t just involve changing the language, but also taking into account the cultural, social, legal, and technical aspects of the target audience.
  • Data table design: Best practices for better UX
    Data tables are one of the most difficult features to work on, especially when we are talking about the table’s responsiveness. Nowadays, data is crucial, and how to show it could be a game changer for a business and its users.
  • Prototypes: What They Are and Why They Are So Important
    Prototypes play a crucial role in the UX design realm, but what does this term mean, and why can a good prototype be a game changer in your designs?
  • Are Graphic Designers and Marketers Truly “Migrating to UX”?
    I’ve been reviewing portfolios for over two years every week, and many individuals seeking reviews are Graphic Designers or Marketers attempting to “migrate” to UX. But are they really migrating?
  • 4 steps to improve your UX Writing
    When I began learning about UX Writing, I understood the significance of how words influence our actions and guide us to a better user experience. It’s truly frustrating to click on a button, expecting to reach a specific page or get a certain result, only to receive something completely different.
  • 4 Tips to Improve Your UX Design Portfolio
    Over the last two years, I have reviewed more than 40 portfolios of junior UX designers during free weekly sessions, and I have consistently observed the same issues and concerns.
  • Why use a Design System? 9 steps to create it.
    This is a question that most new designers can ask. The truth here is that the design system provides a consistent and cohesive visual and interactive experience across all products and platforms within an organization.
  • 5 ways to sell UX solutions!
    A successful sale happens when a customer is truly satisfied, which boils down to purchasing a solution to their problem. This doesn’t mean pushing what you’d like to sell or simply giving the customer what they think they want. Instead, it’s about providing what they truly need.
  • Johnson & Johnson Rebrand
    Johnson & Johnson is writing a new chapter in its history with a remarkable rebrand, created by Wolf Olins agency. The… Read more: Johnson & Johnson Rebrand
  • UX vs CX – Demystifying the Differences
    Originally, the terms UX (User Experience) and CX (Customer Experience) were similar, with UX encompassing what’s now known as CX. Over time, UX has become more specific, focusing on immediate interactions, while CX refers to experiences over longer periods. In essence, CX is like long-term UX.
  • ​​Twitter rebranded as X
    Elon Musk’s Twitter rebranding as “X” aims to revolutionize social media with a multifunctional super app. The excitement and skepticism surrounding this ambitious move leave us eager to witness the impact of Musk’s obsession with the letter X.