Is Wix good or not for designers? (pros and cons)

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Wix is an effective tool to support people to go online without the need for a web designer.

To be honest, everybody knows that web-designer is an old fashion profession, however, front-end and back-end are a hot trend at this moment.

All those platforms naturally bring us another way to work, if you think they are “stealing” your job, I’m sorry to say, but you are completely out of the market.

Wix is growing exponentially last few years. It had reached almost 50% of the web market, so if you are a designer, you can produce a stunning page without coding knowledge, in addition, if you have to connect your website to social media in the absence of digital marketing background, you can do it easily.

Are you saying, because Wix designers now are useless?

OF COURSE NOT!!! We need to exploit innovative technologies in our favour if the client sees the importance to hire professionals to take care of their digital business, they don’t care about what tool you will use, for them does not matter if you will code from the sketch, use Wix or any other platform.

In addition, those platforms, have a bunch of templates developed by top profile designers, digital marketing specialists, developers, etc.

Instead of complaining Wix “steal” my freelance job, I prefer to focus to work in those tech companies rather than getting a 500 bucks website developed for Mr Joe’s Pub. (Confess, it sounds much better, doesn’t it?).

Although talking exclusively about Wix, it has some pros and cons, pain points to be sorted out, let’s check them now.


Wix Pros

1 – It is focused on UX

You will pick a template that was tested before, so usability will not be an issue.

2 – Experienced coders can fully customize it.

With Wix code we are capable to change the source of the template, something that was impossible in the past.

3 – Multilingo support

They have support and knowledge base in 9 different languages.

4 – Good SEO Performance

You can connect your site to Google Search Console.

Wix produces automatic site maps. And as a standard, the templates come with SSL Certificates installed.

It comes with editable alt text for images, in addition, canonical tags, allowing you to tell search engines how to prioritize each page.

5 – Extend your site features with Wix app.

You can include new features to your website without any effort, for example, adding a blog on your project, just dragging and dropping.

Wix additionally has Wix e-commerce, where you can start selling things without the headache of creating an online shop by yourself.


Wix Cons

1 – Templates are uninterchangeable

Users can’t transfer the content if they want to change the template, so basically they need to create everything from sketch.

2 – There are no unlimited plans

On any plan you can have unlimited bandwidth or storage, it even applies to business and commercial plans

3 – Website builder has functional limitations

This feature has improved a lot, but still suffering some issues, sometimes you can’t drag and drop items outside boxes, which could decrease the user experience.

4 – Page Speed

Some Wix clients are saying the site speed is extremely slow, and their users with a bad internet connection could face a terrible user experience.

5 – The App Store doesn’t offer apps

You can include lots of functions to your website, however, when we are talking about the App Store, you are not creating an app, what you possess are I-FRAMES that add some functionality to what you are doing.

To conclude Wix is a strong tool to work with, although it has room for improvement.

How about you, do you prefer to create your web projects from the sketch, or do you use those platforms to speed it up?

Tell us in the comments.

Wrote by: Rafael de Rezende Basso

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