Adobe buys Figma – What to expect now?

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Yesterday (15/09/2022) Adobe acquired Figma for something around 20 Billion dollars, and now how it can affect our daily work nobody knows.

Check some possible things that might happen. (Pros and Cons)

*This text is only a personal opinion, it is unrelated to any official news.

1 – Figma probably will not be free anymore

As everybody knows, Figma is free and easy to access.
However, Adobe’s philosophy is the complete opposite, so probably Figma will join the expensive Adobe CC.
*Adobe says the pricing will not change, but who knows?

2 – It could lead to more social inequality in the design field

As mentioned above Figma is free and Adobe suit is expensive, which could be unaffordable by those who can not pay for it, decreasing the chances for those people to study and jump into the market.

3 – Design tools are once more a monopoly

Some years ago Adobe purchased a company named Macromedia, its most significant competitor at that time.
Macromedia had in its portfolio products like Dreamweaver, Flash, a vector program called Freehand, among others.
When Adobe bought Macromedia, Flash and Dreamweaver were incorporated into Adobe Suit and the other products were erased.
The same could happen to Figma, reducing the number of good prototyping tools available to two (XD and Sketch).

4 – Adobe can make Figma even better

Adobe’s products are good and have dominated the market for decades, so it definitely could lead to a new spectacular tool in the near future.

5 – Good professionals will join Adobe

Normally when a company acquires another one the employees join the new company, we know that Figma is great so maybe those people could start working in new Photoshop or Illustrator features for example.

*Again this text is merely an opinion that could be unrelated with reality in the near future.

How about you designers, did you like the news?

Wrote by: Rafael de Rezende Basso


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