2022 Design Relax retrospective:

2022 retrospective

Last year was remarkable for this blog. We had good numbers, a new member joining the team and also new posts that were sparkling amazing discussions on our social media channels.


The Numbers

The amount of access grew 28% compared to 2021, which is great, the bounce rate dropped 3.5% and the average session duration increased by 8 seconds.

We are working hard on its SEO, and the number of active users from search engine tools increased by 282%.

As you already know Design Relax has a significant presence on Linkedin, we have 1500 followers there and the accesses coming from that social media increased by 580%.

Talking about social media let’s see how Design Relax posts had performed.



More than 1K followers and the accesses coming from it had dropped by 27%, however, the time people spent on the website grew 20%.

The post with the most significant engagement was:



The post with more likes was:



The article with the best engagement was:

And the post with more likes was:

Designers are not artists 1316 likes in total.



The article with the best organic performance was.



Last but not least the page with more general access (361 people clicked on it) arising from all sources was.

We know those numbers are small, although we should celebrate it because this site has no paid campaigns, all those results are organic.

Thanks for all your support.

Particular thanks to the team members who are working hard here: Ana Carla Soane and Monique Angeli.

Wrote by: Rafael de Rezende Basso

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