What is UX Design?

What is UX Design?

It is a question that many people have been asked frequently, even from someone in the tech industry.

It is the development of a connection between materials such as websites, apps, etc., and people.

Everybody knows what UX means, however, comprehending the meaning and knowing its importance are completely different things.

who is the ux designer

Who is the UX Designer?

A UX Designer is someone capable to unite various key elements carefully analyzing how users feel while interacting with a product.

We strongly recommend you to check out Donald Norman’s books and articles. He is considered a masterpiece regarding this subject as well as the precursor of this term.

UX Design Study case

UX Design Study Case

Let’s picture one scenario. You are searching for Donald Norman’s books and then you Google it, the search engine shows an online book store, but when you click on it and… “SURPRISE” the website does not have a search box it is definitely a good reason to close the page.

However, the physical store has good prices, so you realize that maybe with some hassle, maybe you will save some money, so you decided to continue trying to purchase on this website.

You resolve to click on the design section but it has 3000 books separated into 300 pages, by scrolling down the first page you can not find the book so you click on the second-page scroll down, and again no success.

Bad UX and Good UX

Bad UX Design and Good UX Design

Let’s check the user experience here step by step:

1 – Google Donald Norman’s books.

2 – Click on the website

3 – The site is not directing you to Donald Norman’s section (1st mistake).

4 – You tried to find a search box. (2nd mistake, it should be very visible)

5 – You clicked on the design section, 3000 books spread over 300 pages. (3rd mistake at least it should have sub-categories)

6 – You left the site without buying anything.

Now a good user experience in this case:

1 – Google Donald Norman’s books.

2 – Click on the website

3 – Send the user directly to his books.

4 – Very attractive add to cart/basket button.

5 – Easy to do the checkout.

6 – Payment

You see, in a few clicks and the user found the desired product.

Does not matter if your prices are good or your content is extraordinary, without a good UX your project will be a disaster.

I would say it is nothing new, this term was created in the ’90s, although I believe it has been done since the rock age, every time, the human race does user experience, if you are in a relationship, for example, do you think that never have you ever did user experience with your partner or vice-versa.

Now for sure, you are thinking if your user experience has been good or not HAHAHAHA.

Take a look at those images:

ux design study case

They are both pens and they have the same function, which is writing.

But why is the 1st worth fifty cents and the other 1.4 million dollars?

Because of the user experience it brings, you will have more pleasure to sign up a contract using the second one, however, if it is not working the value will be lost.

To conclude, UX is finding out how your user will be satisfied when utilizing your product/service. It is not only applicable in the digital market, UX is worthwhile in all fields and also in our personal lives.

Talking about digital we have various tools that properly support us to develop a good user experience, but, it is a topic for another post.

Wrote by: Rafael de Rezende Basso

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