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Layoutit represents a tool which helps to create web pages by using HTML, CSS and Javascript, the interfaces are responsive already (adapting to all screen resolutions) utilizing Bootstrap.

Oh my God!!! I don’t know anything regarding Bootstrap, is my life over?Should I give up and become a beggar?Do I have a future?

Guys please calm down!!!

If you don’t have any idea what Bootstrap means I enthusiastically recommend to study, however Layoutit is extremely easy to handle that the sole things that you need to know are HTML and CSS basics in reason that in the end of the day the tool will generate some files for you work on.

We will utilize a standard model that the tool offers.

Take a look at this menu on the left here it has the grid system where you can structure your page inserting as many columns you want, although the numbers must need adding to twelve.

Clicking on base CSS you will find titles, paragraphs, tables, forms, etc., in addition, components is where you will see some menus, buttons, navigation bars along with others.

Layoutit additionally provides Javascript, so the potential nightmare with carousels, for example, is over, in addition, navigation bars, warnings and all the rest.

To insert any component just click drag and drop, in addition, it permits colors, fonts and alignments changing.

Ok! My structure is properly completed, however what should I do now?

Foremost click on preview, it is a critical step just to carefully check if you don’t need setting anything.

After that just click on download to copy the HTML in case you don’t need the CSS or download a .ZIP file containing all codes.

The tool otherwise has a share option by generating a link for other developers support the development of the page remotely, it could save your time to download everything, produce the page and in the end of the day your boss disapprove your project, sharing your structure with this person would dodge some issues before starting to adapt the interfaces.

Layoutit is not a website creator like Wix; it is a kick off for your frontend project.

The tool possesses all Bootstrap functions to efficiently generate your code. You will construct what you desire and after it coding in your own way.

Click here and have fun (It is free.)

Wrote by Rafael de Rezende Basso

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