Do designers need to code?

do designers need to code?

Today we will talk about something that is a nightmare for a lot of designers, after all, do they really need to code?

I will comment a little bit throughout my experience. My first job in the design field was in an advertising agency where my tasks were only designing print and digital media, but never coding.

When I left the company, I started doing some interviews and always the recruiters asked if I had any knowledge regarding HTML and CSS, every time I came out with a negative answer, however when I was being interviewed again and they also asked the same question my response was different I said “If you hire me I will enrol in a course today” and surprisingly they said, “OK, we liked you and your portfolio, so you start on Monday.”

It was definitely one of the most rational decisions that I ever had made in all my life.

Now let’s try to solve our major concern here, do designers need to code?


If the prime focus of your design career is printed media or maybe fairs and big events you don’t need to be worried about coding.

However, if you know how to “programme” (I will explain the quotes in a minute.), it undoubtedly helps considerably the designers because you can create a website or application by yourself without the assistance of a web designer or programmer, in other words, if you got a freelance job you don’t need to share the money.

People who work with editorial design these days are almost mandatory to learn internet languages, for the tremendous growth of mobile apps, e-books and digital magazines.

html is not a programing language

Why did I use the quotes, HTML and CSS are not programming languages, HTML is a structural language and CSS is the layout and they are not related to programming logic.

Is Front End Development programming?

When we talk about HTML and CSS, the answer is no, nevertheless, if we talk about Javascript, yes, it typically involves many programming logic and in actual times we are using Javascript to develop responsive websites and interactivity.

Knowing Front-end or any programming languages (PHP, C++, Python, etc.) will be for sure a big plus for your successful career. I really recommend you to study it, furthermore, it is not a general rule.

Wrote by Rafael de Rezende Basso

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