Seven tips to increase your email marketing sales, avoiding being a spammer.

seven tips to increase your email marketing sales

Email marketing remains an extremely important selling tool already.

However, to create a nice campaign, we need to possess a deep knowledge of anti-spam policies.

Those specific rules were defined to fight against junk emails, viruses and hacking, in other words, they were developed to protect users’ privacy.



Never buy your contact database. Some companies are trying to sell mailing lists IT IS A TRAP and it is a very expensive service, in addition, your email will have a straight way to the users’ spam box for sure, your mailing list must have to be full of clients that have been accepted to receive your advertisements by filling up a form on your website.

How do email servers (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) know that I bought my mailing list?

If you have high Opt-out rates (Opt-out means people who asked to be carefully removed from your mailing list), it will show those people don’t want to receive your email anymore, so the servers will instantly realize your content is junk.



It is mandatory to put in the head or in the footer of your HTML the sentence ”If you don’t want to receive our messages anymore, please click here” and the link will instantly remove that client from your list, it undoubtedly means that your company respects the users’ privacy because if one day this person was interested in your products or services and today this individual don’t desire it anymore, we really need to accept and respect it.


Hire a specialized company to send your emails.

In these times we have a vast number of companies providing this service, for sure you will discover one which fits your budget.

They will assure your campaign will be delivered in the correct way and also have the opt-out form done the instant that the user clicks on it, removing them immediately from your mailing.

For sure they maintain an exclusive server just for that, therefore your campaign never will freeze during the shipment.

These companies help you by analysing your code just to check if it was written correctly, they do A/B tests (It is a topic for another post.) , they show your score for anti-spam policies (the number should be very low 1 or 2 points maximum) low numbers means that you are following the anti-spam directives.

They will provide reports for each shipment, assisting you in accurately measuring your results.

Some entrepreneurs decide to use an Outlook account for example to send 10.000 emails or more at the same time it will freeze your outbox, in addition, the message will be considered spam, additionally, it is just a matter of time before the servers ban your domain, if it happens you will never send emails utilizing this domain anymore.


Divide your mailing list.

Just in case you have a very big email database with, for example, 200.000 users by instance, divide it into small lists with 25.000 people. It will speed up your shipment and avoid any freezing.

Try shipping your campaigns by creating some breaks during this process. I mean after you divide your bases, send the same campaign at different times for all mailing lists, for example, release the advertisement for the mailing list 1 at 10 am and for the mailing list 2 at 10:10 am.

You must have discipline with the time, and try to transmit your content every day at the same hour.


Write correctly the title.

Keep away from words like promo, discount, low prices, etc. The servers are smart enough to identify these words and block your shipment.


HTML manners

Some digital marketing specialists are saying that is worthy to use “_” in the title of the HTML file (not in the email’s subject) for instance if your subject is “We are launching new courses” your HTML’s title must need to be “We_are_lauching_new_courses”


Use your FTP wisely.

Even though the FTP would influence your email marketing results, you should create an “arbitrary” name for the folder that you will save your email marketing’s content, steer clear of names like newsletter, email, email marketing, campaigns, etc.

I recommend you to utilize “message” as the name because it is extremely bad to contain some links in your HTML like this. “”

When the servers’ robots read your code, they look for these kinds of terms to decide if this message is spam or not.

Here we go with some tips for you to create a successful email marketing campaign and ramp up your business, if you know any other rules, please share them with us in the comments.

Wrote by Rafael de Rezende Basso

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