Basic Graphic Design’s Principles

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Graphic Design like any other field has concepts to be followed.

These principles are important mostly for those who are starting their careers, however we should remember the below mentioned concepts are not rules and could be ignored or you can do the opposite of what I will explain on the following lines.


Text Aligment

As everybody knows it exists four different kinds of alignment (left, right, center and justify) the western world reading order always starts from the top left to the bottom right.

Try using the same alignment through all the page, using two or more alignments in the same layout could be tough to read and understand.

We need to work with design tools wisely, so work utilizing guidelines every time to avoid any mistake.

Advertisiment basic structure

Although we are not only talking about texts, images utilize it in the same way, for example normally the first information needs to be the logo its position should be on the left or in the top but centralized followed by the product or service that you are advertising in the center and at last thing the price close to the bottom right.


How to organize information

The items that make part of the same context must need to be close to each other, in reason of together they will create a meaning.

It exists, because the lazy users don’t want to think a lot, by using this idea it will be very easy to match the information, therefore, unite what is similar, in addition, take apart what is different.


Keep the same visual identity

Just another example here:

Think about a catalogue that each page has a different layout, it would be a mess, wouldn’t it?

Therefore this idea of repetition works to organize and establish a visual identity, does not matter which media is your specific focus.

You have to develop an unique identity and intend as your guide until the end of the project.


Working correctly with contrast

A text without contrast is completely unreadable, just imagine if this article was written in yellow instead black, could you properly read it easily?

You can correctly apply contrast in a font by using bold or italic, to justly call your users attention.

Constantly try to work with contrasting colors, furthermore not only for texts but also images, if your product is red it does not make any sense to include a red background to it by instance.

Guys those fundamental principles are the basics of graphic design, as I mentioned in the past they are not rules but visual patterns developed to support people to comprehend a message.

You can check out David Carson’s work and see he rarely follows these guidelines, however he is one of the most prominent contemporaneous designers and universally recognized for his “outside the law” portfolio.

Designers do you employ those key concepts?

Or are you trying to revolutionize the market?

Just say it to us in the comments.

Wrote by Rafael de Rezende Basso

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