Basic SEO strategy for beginners

seo strategies for beginners

So far you have learned here what SEO is, and how ranking works, now you will learn some tips that cannot be missing from your website:

title tag

Title Tag

The Title Tag is one of the items that most influences positioning on Google, if not the most important. And it is easy to understand why. The purpose of Google’s algorithm is to be able to show people the results most relevant to their searches. If we do a search on Google and none of the results appear to be related to the keyword we are searching for, we will have a terrible experience with Google. The title of the search results helps us to quickly find what we are looking for. Take the test for several searches on Google and notice that 7 to 9 results usually have the keyword you searched for in the title of the search result.

friendly url

Friendly URL

The acronym URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. The address of the text must not appear full of random characters, and the URL must contain up to five words, so Google can better read the content of the site.

Optimal Format for your URL

It consists of different parts:

Protocol: this indicates how data is transferred between the computer and the server where the website is hosted. The most common for websites and blogs are HTTP and HTTPS.

Domain: in a simplified way this is the name of the website accompanied by the extension that such as: .com,, .ie, .org, among others.

Category / Slug: indicates which page you are trying to access within the site and where it is located if there are subfolders.   

Subcategory: helps people understand which section of a webpage they’re on. More common in the E-commerce website. 7


Permalink: Permalinks are an important part of your site as both search engines and visitors use these URLs to index and visit your site. The type of permalink you pick influences the way these two parties see and value your site, in a blog the permalink will be the article title.

For example:

In this case,: Protocol (1) is http,  the domain (2) is,  category (3) – Digital marketing, and the article permalink (4) name of the article.


alt tag images

Alt Tag Images   

Alt tags provide a text alternative for an image for search engines and those using screen readers to access a web page. Alt text is the description of the visual elements of an image. Filling in this information is essential for search engines to understand what that visual resource represents. In addition, it is an important tool to make your website more accessible! Alt Text, then, is a description of the visual elements of the image (which search engines cannot identify), so that this image is better positioned in searches.

 Tips on how to write a good Alt Text:

  •  Write Alt Text to a human, not a search engine 
  •  Keep between 4 to 8 words to describe the image
  •  Do not fill alt text with keywords: Google can detect and classify your site as spam
  • Be simple and precise 
  • Think about how Alt Text integrates with the text (more precisely with the part of the text where the image is inserted).
How search engines rank websites

How search engines rank websites

Now that you’ve understood the basics of SEO a little, you’ll learn how search works. The ranking of the sites is done by the crawlers of the search engine system.

It is important to say that some evaluation criteria may change depending on the search engine used. Some pages may appear first on Google and third on Bing, for example.

This is because the crawlers of each search engine work a little differently. Imagine that the crawlers are little robots that read the sites and organize the links on the page. When we do an internet search, these robots take us to the sites. It is not overnight that a person will understand everything about SEO. To understand everything about SEO, you need hours of study and a lot of research and always keep up to date with everything new that appears. Some people hire website optimization professionals but there is no need to spend money to have a correct and well ranked website.

The good news is you don’t have to become an expert to put SEO for beginners into practice.

Nowadays with the growth of the use of the internet where everyone can write about what they want millions of texts appear about various niches. Among these millions everyone wants to have their content consumed and become a reference on search pages.

Currently, nobody has the patience to keep looking for what they want on all Google pages, “Time is money”. And with this scenario, SEO emerged, this “shortcut” to reach the top, despite its popularity, is not widely known and used correctly.

Wrote by: Ana Carla Soane

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