The 4 C’s Essential for the 21st Century

“Some skills were pointed out as essential for the 21st century that should be developed in the classroom, preferably since childhood and now within distance learning.

It is Called 4 C’s because due to the following: critical thinking; collaboration; communication and creativity, they were designated by the National Education Association (NEA), as being the most important for Basic Education. We will explore these concepts and then the relationship with work.

Design Relax - Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking
Look at the problem, challenge in a different and optimistic way. Solving puzzles or crosswords, and similar activities, critical thinking also includes an element of skepticism.

Design relax 4c collBORtion

Work together to achieve the goals. Putting talents, gifts, experience, knowledge at the service of work. 

Design Relax 4C Communication

Share thoughts, questions, ideas and solutions. It is essential to make your voice be heard in the organization you work for. 

Design Relax 4c creativity

Research approaches, other readings, other subjects, to do new and different things. Try to do things that you think you are not born to do; make you brain squeeze to try something new -practice of thinking outside the box.

More importantly, they also become motivated to share that creativity with others, make the creativity creation move around, in this way your first thought will be alive. 

Given these definitions we can understand that they are the same and essential SOFT SKILLS (not linked to knowledge to technical knowledge) that people, leaders and employees must carry in their professional pack of knowledge.

Human behavior is not immutable.

The 4 C’s do not depend on diplomas and certificates.

So, why not take advantage and become a better person and professional?

Do you know that there are 4C’s for Social Media as well? The physical representation of a revolution in the way consumers obtain (and create) information on social networks, but it will be a subject for a forward post. “

Wrote by Ana Carla Soane

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