2020: Was it that bad?

Design relax 2020 was it that bad?

This article is unrelated to design, although it could be, depends on you.

2020 was definitely a tough year, however I took some advantages from this terrible pandemic.

When Deezer created the playlist with my 2020 top 50 songs I discern that only 10% of those artists I attended a concert once at least as well as certainty I have been at more that 100 concerts throughout my life.

It has shown me that I’m seeking for something new, although rock n roll is my passion and unfortunately it is not renewing itself anymore.

However, I found out new bands and songs.

During the first lockdown I decided to “unlock my drawer” and remove the dust on some projects, nevertheless I believe this change of mindset had started before it.

For sure this year had many first times for me.

  • Got a tattoo.
  • Taught someone.
  • Decided to study personal finances and set some monetary objectives.
  • Got in love.
  • Manually created my weekly schedule.
  • Properly exercise with a personal trainer.
  • Cooked risotto hahaha and I’m good at it now.
  • I got promoted.

I volunteered to teach HTML and CSS to some colleagues at the company that I’m working for. In addition, the numbers were surprising, fifth six people certified in five countries (Ireland, Portugal, England, Poland and Philippines) with amazing feedback from the students as well as my managers. I created and confronted a new challenge.

Coding course’s certificate for Accenture’s employees.

I got my first tattoo.Much obliged Elaine Castro (If you are in Dublin, heartily recommend her.) for this incredible job. It was something that I postponed a lot, today a stunning phoenix is drawn on my left calf.

This Phoenix has a strong meaning for me.

I have started to study personal finances, so set some financial targets as well as I reach out professional advice regarding this subject.

This Book is Worth €25,000 by Karl Deeter and Charlie Weston
The richest man in Babylon by George S. Clason
Amazing readings.

Nevertheless, one thing I never ever believed that would be possible, happened, during a pandemic I got in love, encountered someone who completed myself and additionally has almost similar goals as me, ever since it has been such a good partnership. We matched on Badoo 2 weeks after my profile was updated for a creative and humorous one, as designers we should apply our abilities every time and everywhere and the results will come.

Creative Tinder profile, believe on me it worked hahaha
Love you Sweetheart

Another 1st time in my life was exercising regularly with my brother Renato Basso who is a personal trainer. I absolutely recommend his classes. It is more inexpensive and securer than going to a gym. Doing some exercise definitely helps ourselves to be more productive and work better.

I’m doing regular on-line sessions with him, my only investment was two gallons five liters each and the results are starting to appear.

I’m organizing my week schedule and following it, producing manually instead to use an app, in reason that I prefer to place it on my wardrobe every Sunday, therefore, it has been possible to take a look every day when I’m changing to go to work, saving it on an app for sure will be easily forgettable to take a look daily. It is ramming me to stick out my goals step by step.

Week schedule on my wardrobe.

This blog, that you are reading right now, was back but in English, so it is the first time I’m writing regarding design in a foreign language, killing two birds with one rock improving my written skills and also talking about that wonderful field.

Pushing myself to write in English

During 2020 my desired promotion arrived, thanks to my efforts to keep productive even when we were working from home moreover in view of the fact my coding course is a success in addition my design skills were used to sort some problems, of course some people must need to receive my sincere thanks in reason that they have encouraged me to accomplish my personal and professional aims.


Despite the Corona Virus outbreak, the only undesirable thing that happened with me was I couldn’t go to Brazil to visit my loved ones. Furthermore, the tickets were bought already, just waiting for the vaccine.

Reasonably concluding 2020 was a challenging and unpleasant year for everyone, furthermore what did you do to make it better, had you just complained or did you try to reinvent yourself? It is never too late to do it.

Wrote by Rafael de Rezende Basso

Passionate graphic designer and web developer who never refuses a beer with some friends, Sao Paulo FC supporter, proudly from Brazil, check out my portfolio rrbdesign.com

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