The difference between UX and UI design

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What is UX?

What is UI?

Many people think that User Experience and User Interface are the same, though they could be developed by the same professional, however, they require different skills.

The UX designer is essentially who will architect the information by researching, creating personas, drawing flowcharts, in addition, after launching the project taking care of the users’ satisfaction.

The research involves the identification of user’s pain points, market gaps, and competitors’ analysis.

A talented UX designer must be worried about market needs and business goals with some objectives to build up innovative products and services.

Peter Morville created a honeycomb to illustrate some facets of user experience.

ui and ux honeycomb
Peter Moville’s Honeycomb

UX is carefully tracking the audience, comprehending your users’ goals, issues and supporting them to sort out multiple problems.

UI design has its exclusive focus on the layout and how the elements will work together to create visual harmony.

UI designers should analyze the trends to promptly engage the users when they access the content evolving then and analyzing behaviour changes.

It is, moreover, UI designers’ responsibility to develop responsive layouts taking care of screen sizes, devices, and browsers.

differences between ux and ui

Main differences between UX and UI

Once more a professional could have both expertise, however, they are different, although working very closely.

UX precisely defines a problem, finds out the solution and UI generates a visual outcome.

UX Designers should put themselves in the shoes of the audience. UI designers are under the obligation to follow trends or perhaps try to revolutionize developing a brand-new layout.

When the UX team develops wireframes and flowcharts, the Ui team should give life to it.

We can say UX encourages people to find out a “Why” and UI represents a transformation from “Why” to “Want”.

UX and UI are a couple completing each other.

We can properly say UX is the structure and UI is the layout.

Comparing it to a human being UX is the bones and muscles, as well as UI, is the face and skin.

who works closely to UX

Who works closely with UX?

Definitely, they work directly with marketing, business analytics, and product development teams.

Who works close to UI

Who works closely with UI?

Depending on the project, UI could work with different professionals like illustrators, animators, 3D designers, video editors, etc.

To correctly conclude UX and UI are different roles but at the end of the day, they produce a usual and stunning outcome together.

Extra tip

Just one more tip, we heartily recommend you to watch “Abstract ”. It is a Netflix documentary regarding design, the 4th episode starring Ian Spalter a UI/UX designer who developed Instagram’s structure and layout.

Wrote by: Rafael de Rezende Basso

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