What is the value of your design?

what is the value of your design

At the end of the day, how much does my design cost?

Knowing how to charge clients is a nightmare for many designers because we need to think about a fair price for ourselves and the client.


Charging a specific value

Some people prefer to set a “standard” price. We recommend you to create a table with three different values for each job, one for a small company, another for a medium one as well as for a big enterprise.

To understand this idea, you have to imagine two different scenarios. In the first Mr. Adams recently opened a small pub in your neighborhood. In addition, he needs a logo, however, you are used to charging $1,000, although Mr’ Adams does not have this amount.

Furthermore, on another hand, you also have the opportunity to develop a logo for a global company for its new campaign.

What do you need to realize here?

They are the same job, however two extremely unlikely situations.

To conclude, if you charge Mr. Adams $1,000, he probably will laugh at your face and run away, although a similar price for a big company perhaps it will reckon that your work is not so good so that is the explanation for an inexpensive estimate.

Furthermore, to retain both clients, why not charge Mr’ Adams $300 and the global company $30.000, it will depend on your knowledge, portfolio, and of course sales skills.


Charging per hour

To charge per hour you need to define a bunch of things in advance, how much electricity does your computer consumes per hour, how much broadband company fare you for one hour, the applications that your pay monthly even the notepad that you will draw your sketches, the petrol to go to the client’s office, etc.

The tip-over here is you need to find out your ideal salary (You should be completely realistic.) so let’s pretend $4,000 will sufficiently cover all your expenses and also you will be able to save/invest money.

The math is simple: 4000 divided by the number of working days, usually, 22 divided again by daily working hours, normally 8.

4000/22/8= $22 per hour

If you decide by this method, you need to have discipline working the 60 minutes of this hour in addition to getting rid of distractions. (You are unallowed even to watch one short YouTube video just to relax your mind a little bit HAHAHA.)


Exercise common sense.

Some countries have a kind of pattern or specific guidelines to charge. It is on top of a brilliant idea to search for.


How about the changes?

This is another critical issue because the clients do not will pay for a job that does not worth to them as well as they can not ask for thousands of alterations, the most effective solution is to write down and sign up a detailed contract allowing them to require 3 changes maximum all of them formalized via email after the third alteration you must ask for more money.

If you charge per hour think about how long these changes will take, furthermore, if you decide by billing them a specific value add 3% of the whole amount per alteration.

Do you agree with these methods, or do you have another one?

Tell us below in the comments.

Wrote by: Rafael de Rezende Basso

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  1. AL AMIN says:

    That’s amazing Content for the freelancer from Bangladesh

    1. admin says:

      Thank you Al Amin, keep a eye on our page, we have weekly updates.

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