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  • UX vs CX – Demystifying the Differences
    Originally, the terms UX (User Experience) and CX (Customer Experience) were similar, with UX encompassing what’s now known as CX. Over time, UX has become more specific, focusing on immediate interactions, while CX refers to experiences over longer periods. In essence, CX is like long-term UX.
  • ​​Twitter rebranded as X
    Elon Musk’s Twitter rebranding as “X” aims to revolutionize social media with a multifunctional super app. The excitement and skepticism surrounding this ambitious move leave us eager to witness the impact of Musk’s obsession with the letter X.
  • Is UX Design IT?
    Is UX Design IT? UX Design, or User Experience Design, thrives at the intersection of creativity and technology. As UX Designers, we creatively communicate with users, analyze market trends, and align designs with business goals.
  • Product Strategy: 5 Key Principles for Success
    In today’s competitive business landscape, a well-defined and comprehensive Product Strategy is the key to unlocking success. Without a clear strategy in place, designers may rely on assumptions, engineers might code aimlessly, and users can be left puzzled about the relevance of a product.
  • Does a UX Designer Need a Degree?
    Does a UX Designer need a degree? Join the discussion in our latest article as we share our personal take on the importance of a degree in the UX Design field. Discover different perspectives and contribute your thoughts!
  • Unpacking UX Writing – 7 lessons from the Camino
    I’ve listed the 7 most important lessons I’ve learned during the Camino. And of course at the same time annoy some work colleagues.
  • AI and the Designer – Enemies or Allies?
    Discover how AI is transforming the design industry and whether it’s a threat or an ally for designers. Learn how AI tools can speed up design processes, provide insights into user behaviour, and help designers collaborate more effectively. Explore the debunking of myths surrounding AI as a threat to design jobs and find out why designers who embrace AI will be better positioned for success in the future. Join the conversation and share your thoughts on AI in the comments.
  • Basic SEO strategy for beginners
    So far you have learned here what SEO is, and how ranking works, now you will learn some tips that cannot […]
  • 5 tips for Jrs finally get their first UX job.
    We know that being a Jr professional in any field could be tough when it comes to UX could be even […]
  • 2022 Design Relax retrospective:
    Last year was remarkable for this blog. We had good numbers, a new member joining the team and also new posts […]
  • You ask: Writing?
    Yes, the title is a pun. A pun for UX Writing. But I confess, I often hear this question, even at UX Design meetups. “Writing?”, “Are you a Copywriter?”, “Do you write content?”, “Marketing?”. And the popular: “What exactly does a UX Writer do?”.
  • Hashtags – The strategy you need for growing your Instagram
    The hashtag is a metadata tag that is prefaced by the hash symbol, #. Are you using hashtags to grow your Instagram? Did you know that not ALL hashtags are equal? How to find the best hashtags for your brand?
  • Adobe buys Figma – What to expect now?
    Yesterday (15/09/2022) Adobe acquired Figma for something around 20 Billion dollars, and now how it can affect our daily work nobody knows. Check some possible things that might happen. (Pros and Cons)
  • Paula Scher – The goddess of Graphic Design
    Paula Scher is one of the most influential graphic designers in the world. Paula began her career as an art director […]
  • The Batman symbol evolution over the years.
    Are you thrilled to watch the new Batman movie that is about to premier? I am. Batman is one of DC’s old superheroes, the issue was in 1939. Meanwhile, we are waiting to go to the movie theatre, what about revisiting the iconic superhero’s previous logos?