Squid Game – 6 UX lessons we can have watching the show

Squid Game - 6 UX lessons we can have watching the show

Squid Game is the most-watched Netflix series of all time, however, can we take some UX lessons from it?

If you have not watched the show yet, be careful with this article SPOILER ALERT!!!

Essentially, the show consists of gathering people with financial problems offering them a billionaire prize to the winner of the games.
At this place, we will make a connection between the games played in the series and UX concepts.


1 – Red light, green light

During the first game, the chosen contestants realize it is a death game so everybody freaks out until one of the characters understands how to play and demonstrates it to the others.

UX Lesson: You need to educate your users to understand your product, otherwise they will “freak out”, in that case giving up your app/website.


2- Honeycomb/Ppopgi

The gamers cut stamped shapes out of honeycomb candy, called ppopgi or dalagena.

The characters adopt alternative strategies to accomplish their goal, licking the candy, eating the borders, burning, scratching, and etc.

UX Lesson: The users could utilize different approaches to conquer what they desire, even if the objective is the same for everyone.


3- Tug of war

It is a classic game that I’m sure everybody knows.

UX Lesson: It could be related to UX research which means understanding the market and its pain points to strike it.


4- Marbles

Marbles are another game that does not demand too much explanation.

However, during the show, the gamers decide to play it in a vast number of possible ways.

UX Lesson: Off and on your project could be handled in opposed manners, but still being the same product.


5- Glass stepping stones

Similar to hopscotch, however, the participants should pick where to step, one option is a normal glass and the other is tempered and stronger, so if they step the wrong one they will fall and die.

One of the participants worked for years in a glass factory, therefore, he knows what glasses are tempered.

Although when “the boss” realizes one of the gamers is using this knowledge to move on, he instantly turns off the lights, which makes it impossible to recognize the correct glass.

UX Lesson: When the users understand how your app/website works, they will browse it easily, although, if you change something without user testing they might fail, in addition, they will start to use your competitor’s product.


6 – Squid Game

Similar to tag but played on a squid field, which is a square with a triangle on the top, and a circle above.

Two teams go up against one another. One player at least should reach the squid’s head at the top to be the winner, and of course, the players should also defend their squid.

In the show at this time, only two people are alive, one of the contestants fights hard to win, but when he realizes he is severely wounded to continue he kills himself and asks the winner to look after his family because it was his aim to receive the money.

UX Lesson: If the users struggle a lot to follow your design or to reach their goals, they will give up no matter how important it is to them, in our modern world they will discover another solution.

If you did not watch the show, I heartily would recommend you to do it, as well as, if you did watch it again but with a UX designer eye, and tell us in the comments if you agree or not with our conclusions over here.

Wrote by: Rafael de Rezende Basso

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