Free guy: A perspective about the future of design and technology.

Free guy: A perspective about the future of design and technology

Last week I was watching the new Disney’s film “Free guy”, and some of my colleagues advised me to watch it with a designer’s eye.

However, at the end of the movie, I started wondering if some scenes that seem to be completely unrealistic, are not far away from our reality.

This article is not a critique, because that is not the aim of this website.

I will try to not give you any spoiler, although it could have.

credit: Disney

One small and not so relevant scene intrigued me a lot, two characters were talking and then one of them grabbed an extremely small device that was able to reproduce any screen size.

Have you ever imagined something similar to your phone (even smaller) reproducing a touch cinema screen in your bedroom?

I firmly believe that in the near future we will stop being worried about screens, because they will not exist anymore.

Oculus, now developed by Meta, has a similar concept “A world without screens”, but it is different from the device shown in the movie.

credit: Meta

Another thing that made me think a lot is the principal character, he is an AI, but during the film he became famous some people were buying his outfit even falling in love, can you picture yourself asking Kratos or Chun-Li to go out?

I know right now some people unfortunately are creating a fantasy online world and forgetting about real life, which is dangerous, if you are doing it please go get help.

Just to conclude, the developers of the game that the movie is placed in realized they had created the most advanced AI, in reason of a video game character has some human feelings.

Do you reckon that in some years science will be able to develop an artificial intelligence, which could have feelings, pain, hunger, diseases, and etc.?

I strongly recommend you to watch it with a designer eye. It is definitely not an Oscar movie, however, it is a nice piece of fun.

Tell your thoughts about those ideas in the comments.

Wrote by: Rafael de Rezende Basso

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