Romero Britto – An ambiguous feeling

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Loved by celebrities and hated by other artists.

Romero Britto was born on October 6th, 1963, in Recife/Brazil, where he started his career at age 18, however he has been living in Miami since 1988.

Even Though he had artistic talent, he was a law student and wanted to be a diplomat.

His admires call his style “the art of the cure.”

Romero Britto Queen Prince Kate Mickey
Credit: Romero Britto

According to Romero art represents freedom of speech, a manner to construct your personal identity.

He started painting scraps of cardboard and newspaper in reason of it was simple and cheap. The jobs were exposed on the streets for $30, although today his work worth $500.000.

His most significant references are Picasso and Keith Haring.

At this time Romero has a product line with 500 assorted objects in stores worldwide he moreover was the first Brazilian to expose in Louvre.

The most considerable and pricey work was a pyramid to homage when Tutankamon’s exposition went back to London.

One person who has a tremendous art collection is Carlos Slim, one of the wealthiest people in the world, in addition he has many Romero’s paintings.

But why is his work a manner of discussion?

Romero Britto Michael Jackson nd Madonna
Credit: Romero Britto

Mr. Britto receives so much criticism in possible reason of the fact his art is commercial and the key focus is to make money, that is what other artists say.

Google Glass hides his work replacing for some notable paintings, if an app is able to properly recognize his creations it suggests his style follows a pattern in other words it is always the same.

According to some art specialists, his depictions do not overcome any potential problem or make people think about it because it is poor and disconnected from reality.

Nevertheless, the absolute truth could be the art’s elite does not accept the fact that Romero skipped some steps becoming famous without a big exposition.

However, the prominent critic is because Mr. Britto employs his art to promote worthless things and it must have to be sold by the Museum’s shop not directly from the artist.

But why should we sincerely appreciate Romero?

Romero Britto's work in London
Romero Britto’s work in London

As a Brazilian I should be honoured by the fact he is spreading Brazil’s art abroad.

Romero’s unique style is, furthermore, an excellent marketing piece of study because actually this generation is lazy in addition do not want to think therefore it is effortless to understand a colorful cat instead something more complex so by doing it he is achieving a target.

Repeating the same technique, could be a good seeing that we can instantly recognize it at the first glance, for the artist it is wonderful in other words now he represents a brand.

Contemporaneous art could be everything, a photo of a shattered glass could represents art, vandals spraying graffiti is considered a way of communication to some people, so why Mr. Britto’s work could not be called art?

To conclude today Romero Britto is having lunch with the Queen inside Buckingham Palace, hanging with Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Prince William, he has some paintings in Shakira and Madonna’s houses, created Michael Jackson album cover, had two times been exposed in Louvre, developed some sculptures to Disney and he has his creations spread in various airports around the globe.

To be precise he obtains the recognition that ninety percent of the modern artists never will accomplish.

Therefore please tell us if you enjoy or hate his work down in the comments.

Wrote by Rafael de Rezende Basso

2 thoughts on “Romero Britto – An ambiguous feeling”

  1. Lu Monin says:

    I love and respect his artwork. They are full of happiness and joy. Congrats to the artist.

    1. Geovane says:

      Hi there,

      I wouldn’t say I hate his art or his style of painting. However, I feel so proud of him because he represents my country (also my city).

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