The Batman symbol evolution over the years.

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Are you thrilled to watch the new Batman movie that is about to premier? I am.

Batman is one of DC’s old superheroes, the issue was in 1939.

Meanwhile, we are waiting to go to the movie theatre, what about revisiting the iconic superhero’s previous logos?



The logo’s initial version was the most minimalistic one, taking a small place on Batman’s chest.


In the same year, the symbol suffered an enormous transformation, as now we can see the ears and sharp points along with the wings.

1941 – 1944


The designers gave the wings more relevance, in addition, to introducing sharpen points at the top on the wings as well.

1944 – 1946


Now instead of five points along with the bottom, now it has some nine, and the top is wider.

1946 – 1950


I would say it is a better version of the 1941’s logo coming back to the five points at the bottom, however, the head and ears gained more relevance.



For sure the most drastic change until that date is the wings are rounded and less sharpening, we can see a smooth curve at the top, the head keeps the same as the previous one.

1956 – 1960 


Sharpen points are back and the curve was increased, generating something thinner and broader.

1960 – 1964


Very similar to the 1956 version just the head is bigger than the other one.

1964 – 1966


The notable yellow background with a black outline was included, some people think it was introduced to be a trademark as Batman had become more than only a superhero, now he is an iconic brand.

However, the animal stamped on it did not change that much.

This logo became famous because of the TV show.

1966 – 2000


That is for sure the most famous logo, this version is still updated as we have tons of products with it stamped on.

The changes are massive, the bat now has a rounded shape with some prominent curves and the points are less sharp than the previous logos.

2000 – 2011


In the earlier 2000s, superheroes movies have become a trend and have still been being until now.

This logo was developed to mark a new era, although mixing old symbols with a modern shape, in addition, trying to connect to new technologies like modern computers, mobile phones, social media, etc.



The head is similar to the 1958s version, but the wings have a brand-new shape being elevated to look like claws.



Huge changes were implemented here, the logo now is thin and flat, the curves had disappeared and a tiny orange outline was added.



The curves are back, although the head is now more pointed and prominent, I would say it is a nice mixture of the 60s version and the 2000s one.



It looks very gritty, probably to match the film narrative.

The curves are gone, the logo has straight lines, which we can link to the hero’s armour.

Probably the idea to develop something more “square” is to show a brand-new Batman, which possibly means a new horizon for the hero in the cinema.

Coming to an end, it is easier to realise the symbol has evolved naturally with the character, in addition, it is always matching with design trends created from time to time.

I’m sorry fellas. I need to go now to the movie theatre, so see you there.

Wrote by: Rafael de Rezende Basso

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