What is Graphic Design?

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After all, what represents graphic design? Does it know how to manage Adobe’s applications?Do the designers need to know how to draw?Is it art?

Let’s just try to answer those questions.

“The graphic designer’s function is to give a meaning for something using its appearance, in other words the professional induces the user to use a product in a specific way, offering to it some abstract concepts implementing a style, status and identity.The graphic designer is by convenience a person who knows how to employ different techniques and how to use design tools, nevertheless, it is not only the ability to develop a nice layout, it is in addition the knowledge to ally a visual repertoire with a professional skill, being an intellectual provider based on visual, social and psychological culture. It is not a person who will execute a task, but a creative specialist that is able to communicate by applying a visible method.”

The graphic design studies always was connected with other fields like psychology, art, communication, cognition among many others. However graphic design possesses a unique knowledge that was developed through its history, furthermore it is becoming more evident nowadays, it is something very easy to be noticed by the creation of new courses, masters and doctorships worldwide.”

Drum by David Carson
Drum by David Carson

That is the definition from Wikipedia, therefore let’s merely try to properly understand it better.

The designer has a problem and creating a project, afterwards it will become a graphic solution, for example a hundred years old company wants to change the visual communication, in reason of, they are trying to reach out young customers, however they don’t want to take the risk of losing the people who already purchase their products constantly, so the professional must have to achieve a creative solution for that.

Design doesn’t have right or wrong, ugly or pretty, design represents the profound wisdom to know how to communicate with the target public in the right time using colors, images, fonts that will have the power to connect individuals, it could be a package, a business card, a website, each project has the right function and the correct moment, in other words it needs to be functional.

The graphic designer must need to be a multi-task professional, why am I saying it?

If you are creating a logo for a hospital, you don’t need to be a doctor, furthermore you will call for a deep study regarding what the health market is doing, so we are under the obligation to understand a little bit about our client’s field.

It is crucially significant to have a good wisdom on the applications, nevertheless it is not everything it doesn’t matter if you know all the virtual resources without any concept, it is good to remember the graphic applications are a thirty years old technologies and design in general is much older than it.Although nowadays the designer needs to be able to properly handle modern tools, however a good professional should create a wonderful job by using a pencil and a piece of paper.

Guts by Stefan Sagmeister

If you are good at drawing, it will be extremely useful, but you don’t need to be a fantastic illustrator, because they are similar fields, although they are different.

In my humble opinion, I don’t consider the graphic designer an artist, however the job that we develop must have to capture the attention of the public, spreading a message.

Graphic design is an amazing and satisfactory career, with a lot of unique challenges, but the pleasantest part is normally we don’t have a routine, in reason of, every day we will have a new project, a brand new client or maybe a up to the minute application to study, a bunch of newest ideas and concepts to learn more day-to-day.

Wrote by Rafael de Rezende Basso

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