Johnson & Johnson Rebrand

Johnson & Johnson rebrand

Johnson & Johnson is writing a new chapter in its history with a remarkable rebrand, created by Wolf Olins agency. The company modernised its cursive script logo to mark a new era of exclusive focus on healthcare innovation and tackling the toughest health challenges.

Jansen, the company’s pharmaceutical segment, is now called Johnson & Johnson Medicine, united under the same umbrella. Earlier this year, J&J announced that it is shifting products such as Band-Aid and Listerine to a new brand called Kenvue.

The original logo, designed in 1887 and inspired by co-founder James Wood Johnson’s signature, J&J image, was damaged by recent lawsuits alleging a possible connection between its baby powder and cancer (which the company denies). They realised a rebrand was necessary, especially as cursive script is no longer being taught in schools.

Johnson and Johnson new and old logo

The brand is keeping the colour red and adding a contemporary design, especially in digital interfaces, so the changes are not drastic and maintain the company identity. This new concept follows pharmaceutical trends and signals that J&J is changing its perspective.

The drugmaker continued, “The brand will also show up in motion and respond to different environments.”

According to the art direction team, the new logo “has been crafted to spark energy, optimism, and inclusivity, all while offering a unique and distinctive approach in healthcare.”

Each letter of the new logo is drawn in one pen stroke, creating a unique typeface just for J&J’s use.

“The new Johnson & Johnson brand embodies our dynamic spirit while staying true to what has made J&J stand apart from others: our credo, our superpower of caring, and our relentless focus on transforming health for patients,” 

“With the intersection of technology and biology fueling rapid innovation across our industry, this is an exciting time for Team Med Tech.”

Said Johnson & Johnson EVP and worldwide Med Chair Ashley McEvoy on LinkedIn.

Written by: Rafael de Rezende Basso

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