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Hashtags – The strategy you need for growing your Instagram

Hastags - Strategies you need to grow your instagram

The hashtag is a metadata tag that is prefaced by the hash symbol, #.
Are you using hashtags to grow your Instagram? Did you know that not ALL hashtags are equal?
How to find the best hashtags for your brand?
An easy and quick way to do this is by using monitoring tools, which show you which hashtags are the best according to your niche, content or keywords on the social network.
To get access to the top hashtags in your niche, just type the keyword on the search page and select the tags tab. That way, Instagram will show you the best hashtags along with the top posts they were used on. Also, you can see how many posts there are with the hashtag tagged.

5 tools to find the best hashtags

If you are looking for a hashtag generator, here are 5 tools that will help you find the best tags to use in your publications.

1 – Leetags

Leetags is an application that allows you to identify which are the best hashtags according to your publication. In it, you enter a keyword with the subject of your post and it returns you 30 tags that are trending on the topic.
Also, you can use an option that allows you to save a list of hashtags you use the most and copy them all with just one click.
One tip is to use this feature to separate your hashtags by categories. This makes it easier to copy the ones you want to use.

2 – Hashtagify

This is a tool that allows you to analyze hashtags.
With it, you discover which tags are most recommended for you, according to your profile and also monitor the ones you are already using. In addition, you can check which hashtags are trending at the moment.
When searching for a particular hashtag, you can find out in which country it has been used the most and if its use is growing. In addition, you can do detailed analysis based on data from Twitter and Instagram.

3 – All Hashtags

This site, like the others, allows you to find the best hashtags by searching for a keyword.
In addition, it also has a hashtag maker.
In this creator, you paste or type a text and, in the box next to it, it will transform all the words you entered into hashtags. This helps those who publish via mobile, preventing you from having to switch the keyboard to find the # symbol.

4 – Tags Finder

With Tags Finder, you can find 3 types of hashtags: related, similar or combined with your keyword. It also allows you to use content filters to search on the topic of your publication.
You can, for example, ask him to ignore hashtags that contain a certain word.
In addition, the tool has a filter so you can find out which hashtags are most used according to your location. Which can be great for local businesses.

5 – Top Hashtags

The Top Hashtags website also promises to bring you a list of the best hashtags according to the topic of your publication. Just enter the subject of your post and it returns you with the 11 most popular hashtags about it.
In addition, the site also has the ability to turn text into hashtags by quickly inserting the # symbol before the words.

Hashtag strategy for Instagram

I like to think of hashtags in two ways. First, they help you get discovered by people who are searching for content like yours. Second, they help you stay connected with your online community.
Instagram’s hashtags are a completely different game than any other platform. On Instagram, it literally makes you recognizable, as there are no other symbols to use to make the search identify what you are posting about
Now, finding your tags is one of the easiest parts of the strategy. If you’re at a loss for what hashtags to use in your Instagram posts, ask yourself, “What hashtags are the most relevant to my post:
● What is my ideal client looking for?
● What hashtags and accounts do I use on Instagram?
● Do the hashtags I’ve chosen have anything to do with the photo I’m posting?
● Will my ideal client be attracted by what I am currently posting?
For example, posts with your face might include more hashtags about your profession and lifestyle, while product photos might use hashtags more focused on your niche, industry and the audience you serve.
Hashtags can be very effective on Instagram. Personally, we get thousands of likes from potential clients per post, just knowing how Instagram and hashtags actually work and doing a little research on the ideal client.
It is true that not all hashtags are created the same way. Instagram users often think it’s better to use hashtags that match their everyday language because they’ll attract ideal customers by being themselves. But the truth is, there is some logic (and numbers) for carefully choosing hashtags for your strategy.
The trick to growing with hashtags is to choose quality hashtags. What makes quality a hashtag? It goes without saying that this hashtag is relevant to your niche. But beyond that, you want to use hashtags that already have at least 10,000 posts under that hashtag, but no more than 500,000 posts under that hashtag.
Hashtags should be a major part of your social media strategy, and I encourage you to
try out these tips for yourself to see what works best for you and your business.

Wrote by: Ana Carla Soane

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