Email Marketing: 10 tips to obtain good results

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Even though social media times, email marketing continuous a robust way to increase your sales

We will continue with some posts regarding this subject, today you will learn how to write an adequate HTML for your campaigns.

1 – Use W3C validation

You should validate your code by properly implementing W3C rules. It will carefully verify if the coding is correct by following some patterns.

2 – Work with tables instead CSS

Email marketing mostly all the time uses tables which is why some email clients can’t understand CSS, therefore, if you absolutely need CSS use inline style instead of an external file or the <style> tag in the head of your HTML document.

3 – Avoid Divs.

As we said above email marketing uses only tables, therefore avoid Divs.

4 – Rowspan and Colspan are an unwise choice

Do not insert rowspan or colspan, utilizing those attributes you will position a table inside another one, some old outlook versions by the instance does not accept those pieces of code as well as it is not considerate an appropriate practice by email servers therefore your message could go to the spam box..

5 – Always employ valign=”top”

Place it on your first <td> to align correctly.

<td valign=”top” width=”350”></td>

6 – Make use of width

In the tag <td> insert the width every time rather than place it inside the <table> tag.

<table cellspacing=”0” cellpadding =”0” border=”0”>
<td width =”120”></td>
<td width =”480”></td>

7 – IFRAMES represents a terrible way to code

To add links please work with <a href> in lieu IFRAMES several email servers can not recognize it.

8 – Keep away from forms.

They will be barred by outlook furthermore you will take the risk of being considered spam.

9 – Javascript is forbidden

Do not use Javascript, it will be chunked by the firewalls.

10 – Steer clear of padding and margin

In your CSS inline, try to put cellpadding, cellspacing and border, always remember we must need to include a value for it even though an empty one, in reason that if you do not apply any number the email servers could do it by themselves because each company has a structure pattern, by doing it they could mess your layout.

Here we go with 10 valuable tips to have a good HTML for your email marketing campaign. We already have talked about anti-spam rules as well as we will show you more content regarding this subject like how to work properly with colors and images, A/B test, an accurate way to write an attractive title and all the rest so always keep an eye into our recent posts0

Wrote by Rafael de Rezende Basso

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